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MasterBit is a next-gen crypto currency based on innovative blockchain technology. It is backed by a powerful, transparent, secure network.


What is Masterbit?

MasterBit Coin (MBC), is a next-generation digital crypto currency based on innovative blockchain technology. It is backed by a powerful, transparent network - secured with Masternodes - and is also the crypto currency used on the MasterBit Platform. MBC can be used as a currency for creators to launch new crypto currency coins; other blockchain projects; or for crowdfunding projects.

As an investor in MBC you can choose to simply own the coin and hold - as you would any crypto currency for potential gains - or you can start a Masternode and receive rewards. You can also use your MBC on the MasterBit Platform to invest in new projects. When you invest in new projects, you exchange your MBC for the new projects' coin in variable ratios depending on the project.

Why Buy MasterBit?

There will only be 25,000,000 MasterBit Coins.

Once you have 1,000 coins you can build a Masternode and it will allow you to take part in the creation of new coins with generous daily returns.

You can order your own coin with us and we will design your coin based on your specifications.

We will also be releasing mobile wallets and a digital marketplace for goods and services in the near future


Features & benefits



Advanced encryption and a 2-tier network for complete security.


Lightning fast

InstantSend technology allows nearly instantaneous transactions for point-of-sale situations while not relying on a centralized authority.


ASIC resistant

The powerful hashing algorithm, NeoScrypt, has been selected to create a level playing field for all mining participants.



Masternode operators can vote on decisions and budget proposals as well as support anonymous and instant transactions – with more functionality to be announced.


Open Source

MasterBit code is fully auditable. Our source code is available for viewing on GitHub.



PrivateSend ensures your activity history and balances are private and your financial information is protected.

Where to buy MBC

MBC is available to purchase on the following exchanges


Coin Specs


  • ALGORITHM: NeoScrypt

  • BLOCKTIME: 180 seconds (three minutes)

  • BLOCK REWARD: 10 MBC (decreases by 7% annually)

  • ESTIMATED SUPPLY: 25,000,000

  • REQUIRED: 1,000 MBC for a Masternode

  • PRE-MINE: 2%

  • MASTERNODE: 80% Block Reward

  • DEFAULT PORT: 3883


MBC Roadmap

MasterBit Blockchain Starts

  • Windows, Linux and Mac wallet release

  • Fundraising

  • Exchange listing

  • Masternode rank related site listings

  • Massive bounty campaign reveal

Key Roadmap Points

  • Q2

    Start development of first coin orders

  • Q3

    MasterBit Whitepaper

  • Q3

    Add more exchanges and ranking sites

  • Q3

    Massive PR campaign

  • Q4

    MasterBit Platform release

  • Q4

    MasterBit Mobile Platform release


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