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own coin

We create your coin with: pre-mine, custom logo and change coin parameters. You also get a unique genesis block, the source code, and compiled Linux, Windows and MacOS wallets


Coin Features

  • Name and abbreviation of your choice

  • Unique Merkle hash and Genesis block

  • Unique alert keys with private certificate

  • Change address letter

  • Change logo and images

  • Change coin parameters

  • Windows, Linux and MacOS wallets

  • Linux daemon and source

  • NeoScrypt as the default algorithm

  • Node hosting is FREE for one month

  • Masternode compatibility

pre-mine price for the package: 10 000MBC

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DGW (Dark Gravity Wave) Difficulty retargeting is enabled from the first block on all blockchains. The package encludes code on GitHub, and wallets for all desktop systems with your personal design. To use hard coded seed nodes, you will need to provide your VPS account and number of hard seeds that you want to integrate.

for example DASH
Amount of coins received for a mined block
Number of minutes it should take to mine a block
Amount of coins your network will produce
Provide the percentage
Number of coins required to run MN
Provide a percentage